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Underfloor Heating

Quickly Locate pipes & elements

Thermal imaging is the perfect technique for identifying the location of buried heating pipes and elements. This allows work to be carried out without the costly risk of damaging an existing heating installation. The heat patterns can also indicate the location of leaking pipes and joints, reducing the need for large scale excavation.


Thermal imaging is not only useful for locating buried pipes, it can also identify leaks and identify the extent of heating zones.

Buried Pipes

Heating pipe leaks can be easily located with Thermal Imaging, whether they are underfloor or buried in the walls.

Heating Pumps

Thermal imaging quickly shows up whether pumps are working properly and highlights worn bearings, etc.

Electric Elements

Easily locate heating elements before carrying out work on existing flooring, avoiding the risk of damage.

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Free PDF Reports

Thermal survey results are compiled in to comprehensive reports, supplied free of charge as PDF documents.

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