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Electrical Surveys

Find Faults - Fast

Distribution Boards and circuits are surveyed while in normal use, avoiding the need for inconvenient shutdowns. The temperature and pattern of the thermal image quickly identifies problems and the likely cause. Many insurers now regard thermal imaging as an essential method of risk reduction, offering reduced premiums as a result.

Preventative Maintenance

Thermal imaging pinpoints faults in seconds, well before they could cause a costly breakdown or fire. This allows maintenance to be scheduled and workflow to continue, generally saving far more than the cost of the survey.

Power Supply

Problems with overloading or poor connections can be even more serious in high power circuits

Poor Contacts

Contacts deteriorate with age, leading to hot-spots that can easily be identified on a thermal image.

Transformer Cooling

Transformer cooling fins can be easily checked with a thermographic survey.

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Free PDF Reports

Thermal survey results are compiled in to comprehensive reports, supplied free of charge as PDF documents.

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