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Building Thermography

Identify Issues, Save Energy

Whether the subject is a commercial building or a domestic house, a thermal imaging survey is an efficient method of identifying missing insulation, leaks, heating issues and locating pipes. A thermal survey takes just a few hours and is generally more cost effective and productive than invasive survey techniques. Call us now to discuss your application and get a free quote.

Typical Thermal Surveys

Here are just a few examples of the types of issues that a thermal imaging survey can identify. In most cases, thermal imaging quickly pays for itself in energy savings or reduced repair bills.

Domestic Houses

Missing insulation and air leakage is easily identified with a thermal imaging survey.

Commercial Buildings

Thermal imaging is suitable for offices, warehouses, theatres, blocks of flats, and more.

Care Homes

We regularly carry out thermal imaging on new build care homes, as part of the commissioning process

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Please give us a call to discuss your application. We offer free advice and are happy to discuss how a thermal imaging survey can meet your needs. If you can give us a few details, we can also offer you a free quote there and then!


Free PDF Reports

Thermal survey results are compiled in to comprehensive reports, supplied free of charge as PDF documents.

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